Interview – Surviving Mount Augustus – Bob Cooper speaks to a survivor

On the 16th of October Ann Ansell was exploring Mt Augustus with her husband when she decided to take a quick 15 minute walk along Edney’s Trail. Carrying only her two cameras, the experienced bird watcher ventured up the marked trail before becoming disorientated and ultimately lost. What follows is Ann’s story, told to experienced survival expert Bob Cooper, of how she became lost and the subsequent 24 hours trying to find her way back.

Ann was hyper aware of the three tragic deaths in the same area during the previous month and was mindful that she was not carrying any water. She was determined that she would not perish and that she would get back to her husband.

If you take anything from this interview we hope it is that things happen when you least expect it. When you wander out yonder make sure that you have some level of preparedness and always carry adequate water with you.

We would like to thank Ann for sharing her story with us.