WA Embraces Outdoor Adventure Tourism

Tourism Council WA has welcomed the State Government’s $165 million Outdoor Adventure Tourism Package for National Parks, trails, and marine tourism, announced today.

In 2023, there were 1,823,000 Western Australians who visited a National Park, botanical park, or went bushwalking while holidaying overnight in WA. These were the most popular activities for Western Australians on holiday, after dining out, and were even more popular than visiting the beach.

Tourism Council WA CEO Evan Hall said visiting National Parks was the most important and popular attraction for Western Australians, as well as for international and interstate visitors.

“Visiting National Parks is an important part of Western Australians’ lifestyle and culture, and adventures and experiences in National Parks are critical for driving tourism and jobs in regional WA,” Mr Hall said.

“We particularly welcome the $3 million in funding to re-open the Gloucester Tree, however further funding is needed to re-open visitor attractions such as Penguin Island wildlife encounters and to properly maintain current National Park facilities, so they can always remain safe and open for Western Australians.”

Mr Hall said Western Australia had to maintain its current nature-based tourism offerings and create new exciting outdoor adventures across WA’s National Park system.

“Western Australians are craving outdoor adventure experiences such as ziplining, rope courses, mountain biking, jet boats, marine tours, camping and overnight trails. Western Australians don’t want just things to see, they want things to do things in our National Parks,” he said.

“It is critical for the State Government to maintain and expand adventure tourism activities in our National Parks and support nature-based and adventure tour operators who provide access and amazing experiences for Western Australians.”

Tourism Council WA had previously called for public attractions funding in its pre-State Budget submissions, to be used to maintain, develop, and recycle “State Significant” public attractions on public land.